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Eczema Control


Soothes Itchy Inflamed Skin. Lipophilic Formula Absorbs Deep into Skin Tissue. Helps Ease Future Flare-Ups. Rejuvenates Damaged Skin. Rare Essential Oils by Elite Growers from Across the Planet. USDA Organic GMO Free. Gluten & Cruelty Free. Pesticide & Toxin Free. Made in the USA. Vegan. Eczema Control. For Acute, Chronic and Recurring Eczema. The effectiveness of Eczema Control lies in its proprietary formulation and dual modality approach to healing eczema. It is composed of certified organic medical plants exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties with certified organic homeopathic medicines demonstrating a therapeutic effect against eczema. The homeopathics provide deep systemic healing while the medical plant extracts have deep penetrating action to heal damaged skin. The Power of Burdock and Rue. Organic medicinal plant extracts work fast to ease eczema symptoms and help[ reduce recurrence. Symptoms treated include rash-like red, flaky, unhealthy, irritated skin. Dry, scaly, flaking skin eruptions with burning pain and itching are also relieved. Powerful Medicine Prescribed by Nature. Forces of Nature proudly provides powerful organic medicines which deliver results time after time. The organic medicinal plant extracts are sourced from elite growers from all over the planet. This includes high in the Himalayan, Andes, and Rocky Mountains; Madagascar; the islands of Java and Corsica and pristine locations in California. Forces of Nature provide the ultimate in purity and therapeutic value for the treatments and customers. These are the world's first line of USDA organic medicines and proudly made in the USA. All ingredients are organic, sustainably grown, and Fair Trade. Forces of Nature insist on the highest quality standards and believe in the power of their treatments.

ingredients: hydrocotyle asiatica 12c (gotu kola root) iris versicolor 12c (blue flag) lappa arctium 12c (burdock) natrum muriaticum 12x (salt) ruta graveolens 12c (rue) silica 6x (horsetail) taraxacum officinale 6c (dandelion) thuja occidentalis 8x (thuja -- not the oil)) sesame oil (sesamum indicum) lavandin oil (lavandula super) palmarosa oil (cymbopogon martini) pine oil (pinus sylvestris) *** rosemary officinalis niaouli oil (melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora) german chamomile oil (matricaria chamomilla) 04/02/12
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