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Cornsilk Tea Organic


Celebrate a blessed day and peaceful evening with relaxation and a fresh cup of Celebration Herbal's Cornsilk Tea.

No Flavorings, Preservatives or Sweeteners of Any Kind. Absolutely Organic. Kosher. About Cornsilk... Cornsilk is the "beard" that can be seen on nearly any variety of corn. Corn is known by the botanical name Zea mays but Cornsilk is known by the botanical name Stigmata maydis or "Mother's Hair." Indian corn was discovered in Central America by Christopher Columbus, where it was cultivated by the Incas (and many other native cultures). He took it back to Spain, where it was frequently known as "Turkey Corn". Today, corn is a staple crop in many cultures, but few recognize its herbal benefits. Better herbs make Better Tea.  

Directions: use one (1) tea bag per cup of boiling water. Cover & let steep for 3 to 5 minutes to taste. 

Ingredients: organic cornsilk (stigmata maydis) usda organic/caffeine free 03/31/17
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