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Clear & Clean Healthy Gums


Enjoy the many health L A Naturals Clear & Clean Healthy Gums, 1 Oz live a healthier life!

Suggested use: apply a few drops directly to gums, and massage in. Or as a mouthwash, blend 10 drops in a little water, 1-3 times daily. Do not swallow. Ingredients: extra virgin olive fruit oil (olea europaea) essential oils of: peppermint leaf (mentha piperita), clove bud (eugenia caryophyllata), oregano leaf (origanum vulgare), tea tree leaf (melaleuca altenifolia), rosemary leaf (rosemarinus officinalis). Keep out of the reach of children. No gluten, no dairy (milk or lactose), no soy, no nuts, no egg , no fish or shellfish, no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colors. Suitable for vegetarians. 10/06/15
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