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4pcs Natural Bubble Bath Bomb


Product Features:

Put the whole essential oil ball into the bathtub full of water, so that the bubble bomb can be fully dissolved in the water, and the bath ball can be gradually crushed by hand (the soft sea salt can also be kneaded and exfoliated during the melting process).

Rose essential oil is clear and smooth, not greasy. It has been known to smooth fine lines, moisturize, delay aging and tighten skin.
While also making skin soft, healthy and elastic.

Rose fruit oil is famous for its repairing effect, which helps to improve pigmentation and bright complexion, and gives damaged and aged skin new vitality;  Soft, smooth and moist skin, improve dryness actively, make skin plump and elastic day by day.

Box size: 12*12*6.5cm
Materials: natural mineral composition, sea salt, essential oil

1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Ingredient: Sea Salt
Quantity: 4PCS
Item Type: Bath
Model Number: Bath Salt Balls
NET WT: 400 g

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