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4pcs/bag Bath Bombs


Indulge in a nice bath after a busy day with bath bombs. Available in multiple scents: lemon, lavender, blueberry and rose, this set is sure to wash away a stressful day and set you on a path to relaxation.

Product Features:

Essences: Lemon, lavender, blueberry, rose

NET WT: 4pcs / set
Net weight : 200g
Specifications: Diameter of about 6cm
Used for : Can be used for bathing feet, bathing, hot springs and so on.
Function: stress relief, Exfoliating,moisturizing
Bath: Bath Bombs

Product ingredients:
Sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, sea salt, tapioca starch, anhydrous sodium sulfate, shea butter, cocoa butter, polyethylene glycol, chamomile extract, milk extract
Features: Natural mineral ingredients,It can effectively soften the keratin, and make the skin smooth and tender.

Item Type: Bath Salts
NET WT: 200.0g
Model Number: Bubble bath
Ingredient: 100% new and high quality

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