Menopause + Bladder Homeopathy – REVIVIFY

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Menopause + Bladder Homeopathy

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A non-toxic formula free of hormones, soy and dyes, Doctor Wise's Menopause + Bladder may help relieve overactive bladder, hot flashes and night sweats. 

directions: for adults: take two (2) tablets at onset of symptoms & repeat every four hours as needed. Do not use more than directed. Consult your doctor before use. Serving size: two (2) tablets ingredients: hpus: belladonna 12x; cantharis 6x; caulophyllum 12x; cimicifuga racemosa 12x; equisetum hyemale 6x; lachesis 30x; pulsatilla 12x; rhus aromatica 6x: sepia officinalis 12x; sulphur 12x. Other ingredients: acacia gum, lactose. 05/30/19
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