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CoQ 10 Ultimate Firming Lotion


New & Improved Creamy Moisturizer Smooths, Hydrates and Tightens Skin NSF Certified No GMOs Vegan Biodegradable Deep Rooted Beauty - Since 1994 Certified by QAI Contains Organic Ingredients This Firming Body Lotion supplies the nutrients and energy necessary for ample production and repair of elastin and collagen. Skin feels firm, supple and soft to the touch. Fine lines and wrinkles result from the natural deceleration of skin metabolism over time. Wrinkle Therapy pairs Co-Enzyme Q10 - a natural fuel for cellular energy, and Rosehip Oil - rich in skin-replenishing lipids, vitamins and antioxidants, to energize skin and counteract visible aging. For an added boost, Hyaluronic Acid instantly plumps skin and promotes moisture retention for improved elasticity and firmness.
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