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14 Mushroom Immune

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Enjoy the many health L A Naturals 14 Mushroom Immune, 2 Oz live a healthier life!

Suggested use: take 1 ml, 1-3 times per day or as needed serving size: 30 drops (1 ml) servings per container 59 ingredients: proprietary blend* maitake mycelia**, reishi mycelia**, turkey tail mycelia**, chaga mycelia**, cordyceps mycelia**, shitake mycelia**, lions mane mycelia**, poria cocos mycelia**, fomes fomentarius mycelia**, agaricus blazei mycelia**, mesima mycelia**, tremella mycelia**, velvet foot mycelia**, zhu ling mycelia (polyporus umbellatus)*. * daily value not established ** organic usda certified organic, alcohol free, kosher. Warning: keep out of reach of children. 12/04/13
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