The Lord God painted a full rainbow in the sky, visible from my window.

Introduction to The Vine

The Lord God painted a full rainbow in the sky, visible from my window.

On one Saturday morning I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking about whether I should share my testimonies through Revivify. From the moment that I began on the path of creating a business I wanted to understand how to create something that would allow me to fulfill my purpose, but I didn’t know my purpose and the idea of writing -  about faith or otherwise - and being rejected terrified me. I struggled with writers block and simply not knowing how to write about faith for a long time - years in fact. 

My business partner and I would start to build, line of code after line of code and soon the idea of aligning Revivify with spiritual goals would drift to the background, resurrected only when I spoke to my family about The Lord and finding my purpose. 

Looking back I believe the seed of faith was there, planted long before the idea of starting a business came to mind, but it wasn’t being nourished. 

Let me explain. A Christian, I was raised in church. I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t exposed to God. But at some point in my life I broke away from religion and started claiming spirituality. With this decision I also gave up the habit of studying and going to church. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I should have taken those habits with me, because they are vital to building a relationship. I didn’t realize spirituality needed to be coupled with knowing and pursuing Jesus, and pursuing Jesus comes from reading and learning about Him. What better way to learn about him than to read his story. Right! I know. 

Years later, during a world wide pandemic - now - I found myself working from home and spending less and less time out and about due to Los Angeles’ stay at home orders. As a single woman, this life style change left me with much time. The reduced drive time alone gave back two hours to my day.   How did I fill it? Bible study. 

One day while talking to my dad, he mentioned the he and my cousin were studying the Bible for one hour everyday. I felt the tug on my heart to be apart of what The Lord was doing, and I asked to join.  A few days, turned to weeks, then months and I began to realize how much I missed learning about the true and deep love that The Lord has for His creation. 

One hour of bible study daily evolved into me hungering for more truth and seeking His face through books and podcasts, one of my favorites being Kingdom Singles by Dr. Tony Evans. It was through his text that I learned how to bare fruit. Simply put, stay connected to the vine; Jesus. 

Simple, I know but why should it be difficult?Putting God first meant I had finally returned to the path of building a relationship and growing spiritually and indirectly learning how to apply the growth to other areas, like my humble business.  Embracing that natural beauty products, and taking the time to pamper ourselves was only one piece of the self care puzzle,  I began to think about blog ideas like, How God Fits into Self Care and, How the Greatest commandment is a call to take care of ourselves. Writers block cured! Yes!!

What’s even better is how well topics of faith fit within the brand being built. According to Webster dictionary, Revivify means, “to give new life to”. Yes! The use of natural remedies like Essential Oils, is good.  And yes! Building healthy boundaries and managing our stress is good! But self care doesn’t stop there. What we need is true restoration - being made new. And that can only be done through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I can testify to that. 

And plan to through this new blog - where I will share my testimony. 


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