Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Don’t Moisturize

Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Don’t Moisturize

Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Don’t Moisturize


Nobody likes the thought of looking in the mirror only to find their skin covered with a plethora of signs of damage. While you may think your diet or lack of water intake is to blame, external factors are large contributors to skin damage.

As Bella Thorne recently revealed that she doesn’t use moisturizer, the world went into a frenzy—and rightfully so! As one of the most important steps of skincare, moisturizing creates a protective barrier that prevents external damage while healing and replenishing the skin from within.

If you’ve been thinking of going moisturizer-free, we’ve rounded up some warning signs to help you stay in the safe zone! Read on!

1. Dryness That Doesn’t Go Away No Matter What

Does your skin feel dry and cracked even after you lather it with a thick layer of rich night creams? Your lack of daytime moisturizing is to blame.

While you may be giving your skin some much-needed TLC at night, forgoing daytime moisturizing is a recipe for disaster. By leaving your skin exposed to sun damage, environmental stressors, and oxidative stress, you’re creating multiple avenues for damage while stripping your skin of moisture and hydration. By seeping into the skin, moisturizer creates a protective barrier.

In addition, it provides intensive hydration that nourishes pores and prevents natural oils from escaping. This creates a luxurious seal that keeps your skin firm, nourished, and balanced as the day progresses.

2. Loss of Skin Firmness and Elasticity

Experiencing sagging skin on top of dryness? Sounds like it’s been weeks (or months) since you moisturized.

As your skin becomes used to a lack of hydration, it begins to lose its firmness and elasticity. Not only does this create external damage and escalate aging, but it also causes a drop in collagen production.

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3. Dullness and Hints of Pigmentation

Skipping moisturizer is one of the most common reasons behind dullness, pigmentation, and discoloration. While discoloration is less frequent, most moisturizer-shunners experience varying levels of dullness and pigmentation—ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

If your skin looks like you haven’t eaten fruit in months, it may be time to grab a nourishing moisturizer. We’ve been loving the Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer by Derma-E!

4. The Development of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Yes, wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable companions of the aforementioned signs of damage. While you may not notice visible wrinkles and fine lines immediately, skipping moisturizer increases premature aging, thereby making your skin more prone to developing signs of aging in the long run.

This means your skin is more likely to lose its elasticity and develop crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles as you settle into your 30s.

5. Cakey and Blotchy Makeup Application

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While this one’s a no-brainer, we’ll still get into it to help you get a clear picture of just how bad things can get. Skipping moisturizer is a surefire way of getting cakey and blotchy makeup within a few hours.

Not only will your texture appear worsened, but your makeup will also begin to crack as it settles into the dehydrated fine lines. To skin the horror story, we recommend opting for a nourishing moisturizer that balances pH levels while giving your skin the moisture it deserves.

The Revitalizing Oils Moisturizer by Desert Essence is a cult favorite.

Up your moisture game by checking out Revivify’s wide range of nourishing moisturizers. As one of the leading organic beauty stores online, the company offers an extensive selection of natural beauty products, essential oils, organic skincare products, and bath & body products!

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Stay safe and happy shopping!



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