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The Truth in the Exams

Posted on November 04 2017

The Truth in the Exams


Sometimes we want to be healthy so bad, we refuse to see a Physician at risk of being told otherwise. I'm guilty of this! Trusting in my own knowledge over proven medical exams.

Well no more! 

I wouldn't describe myself as a hyper person, but active - yes. But lately, for months even, I'd been dragging my feet. Fatigued in the mornings, tired in the afternoons and evenings. Even after a full night's rest, I found waking up at 5 am - usually easy since I'm a morning person - tedious. 

And fatigue wasn't the only thing slowing me down. I had been experiencing heart palpitations and I was often mentally fatigued. On multiple occasions I'd complained that I wasn't thinking clearly, words weren't coming to me easily, I was much more forgetful than usual and I'd develop a headache midway through the work day when I felt overwhelmed or overloaded with work. 

After months of telling myself I didn't need to visit a Doctor, I finally picked myself up, made the appoint and I showed up and everything. 

The visit was what I expected - waiting, filling out forms, more waiting. But it was also different from what I expected. There was a thorough exam, blood was drawn and the Doctor asked a lot of questions...a lot. 

The result of my blood work - which returned from the lab about one week later - revealed that I was severely anemic.