a woman putting on a skincare product

The Simplest Skincare Routine for People with Oily Skin

a woman putting on a skincare product

One of the biggest skin care challenges is dealing with oily skin. Excess oil production on the skin makes skincare complex, making it challenging for people to identify the best products for them. However, a few basic products can help you manage oily skin very efficiently. Here’s a simple and effective skincare routine to deal with oily skin.

A Gentle Cleanser

One of the most common misconceptions about dealing with oily skin is that you must use strong and harsh cleansers, face washes, and body washes that’ll scrub off all the essential oils from your skin. On the contrary, such cleansers can significantly worsen your skin by disrupting the microbiome. Exfoliating with harsh chemicals can destroy the microorganisms that keep the skin well-nourished.

Therefore, the first step to taking care of oily skin is choosing a gentle cleanser that won’t result in redness, irritation, dryness, and breakouts. Skincare companies offer a wide range of cleaners with a mild formula with ingredients specifically helpful for oily skin.

Remember to deep and double cleanse with a cleanser at least twice a day. It’ll protect the skin by preventing it from stripping away and keep breakouts and unwanted acne at bay.

a person cleansing

A Gel Moisturizer

Many people with oily skin think they don’t need a moisturizer because it’ll lead to further oil production on their face. However, moisturizers are one of the most critical factors for skincare. The key to finding the best moisturizer to balance out the oil production on your skin is choosing a gel-based formula.

Many cream moisturizers undoubtedly produce more oil on the skin, which leads to discomfort and breakouts. On the other hand, gel moisturizers perform the much-needed function of keeping the skin hydrated and have a lightweight formula for everyday use.

Furthermore, these moisturizers won’t clog your skin pores or cause discomfort due to excess oil production. Remember to moisturize twice a day, especially during the morning or evening.


A skincare step to always keep in mind before walking out the door is putting on sunscreen. It plays an essential role in protecting the skin from the sun’s UV rays and other environmental aggressors that lead to conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, and more when exposed to unprotected skin.

Remember to choose an SPF product with a lightweight formula that can absorb the skin’s unhealthy oils, protect you from harmful UV radiation, and leave you feeling as hydrated as possible.

a person using sunscreen

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