a girl with red hair, smiling

Shiny Hair, Don’t Care: 7 Ways To Keep Your Hair Soft And Smooth

a girl with red hair, smiling

We've all seen advertisements with beautiful models flaunting their shiny tresses and loving their long locks. But in real life, we're all unromantically aware of the efforts that go into maintaining one's locks. Like skincare, hair maintenance can be a daunting task that requires commitment and constancy. Below are some easy tips to help your dull hair come back to life:

Do Not Shampoo Everyday

Shampoos can wreak havoc on your hair and leave them feeling dull and dry. Shampooing your hair should not be an everyday affair. Keep the shampooing ritual to once or maximum twice a week, particularly if you have thicker or curly hair. Shampoos can also dry your scalp and take away your hair's natural oils. It's also best to choose a shampoo that is mild in pH and sulfate-free.

Use A Conditioner

A conditioner is essential to lock in the moisture after a wash. Letting your hair air dry can cause frizz, and that's where some conditioner can be helpful. Be careful in buying hair care products and choose the ones that suit your hair type.

Try Hair Masks

Hair masks can be a game-changer in your hair care routine. Hair masks can offer conditioning and damage repair depending on the type of hair mask you select for yourself.

Go Natural

Natural ingredients can save the day and your hair. You can try aloe vera gel, bananas, egg yolk, and yogurt, which are all packed with nutrition for your hair. Create a DIY mask at home and leave it in your hair for an hour before washing with cool water.

Be Gentle With You Locks

Treating your hair gently is essential to retain its shine. Avoid using heat and dyes excessively, as the harsh chemicals and high temperatures can rob your hair of its natural bounce.

Fix Your Diet

Your diet plays a vital role in maintaining all of you, including your hair. Incorporate food rich in vitamin C, omega-three, and vitamin D, like these, can go a long way in promoting healthier skin and hair. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables that are packed with antioxidants.

Be Consistent

A significant tip to achieving happy hair is consistency. Set up a weekly hair care routine, including masks, oils, shampooing, and conditioning, and remain committed to it for at least three to four months. The damage and dryness of your hair will take constant nourishment and care before you can finally fall in love with your hair again.

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