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How to Say No to the Fuss and put Yourself First

Posted on July 17 2017

How to Say No to the Fuss and put Yourself First

Save yourself first. Seriously! The very next time you think, I need a bubble bath, a foot massage a facial, a shampoo, exercise, or just five minutes to sit alone in silence, put your thoughts into action.

We have all faced moments of anxiety. For many of us, there's just too much to accomplish and not enough time in the day to get it all done. We spend half the year waiting for spring forward drooling over the idea of having an extra hour of sunlight. Promising the tired, anxious inner voice that we’ll use the extra time to pamper ourselves. But despite our intentions, we can't spare one hour, minute or one second to even THINK about restoring our bodies and minds. Instead, we repeat the same circular habit, over scheduling, over working, over scheduling over working. JUST STOP IT ALREADY.

How can you expect to give one hundred percent all the time, when you won't stop and recharge. Imagine yourself as a battery, going - working, grocery shopping, doing the laundry, cooking, bathing the kids, coaching the kids, supporting your partner, fueling everyone’s tank except yours. You sit down for a split second then, you hear someone in need, and jump to the resecure. What you didn't realize in all the fuss is that you ( remember you're a battery) are running on 10 percent, oops, five percent, oh no - one percent. Look out she's gonna blow!!

Why risk it? The hanger (hungry plus anger equals hanger. Duh.) out bursts, the envy you feel toward others when they’re relaxing, laughing and glowing in ways you dream of, the headaches, back pain, increased heart rate. Seriously. Why risk it, when you can just schedule time for you. To restore your energy, refuel your body and fill your emotional tank.

I'm not saying stop what you're doing, put that casserole down, ignore the beckoning child and lock yourself in the closet or bathroom, but I am saying to schedule time for yourself, because those issues will still be there after 15 minutes waiting for you to tackle them, but if you keep ignoring the stress causing your anxiety, you may not be.

How to put yourself first: