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Clear Skin 101: The Top Acne Treatments for 2020

Clear Skin 101: The Top Acne Treatments for 2020

Who doesn’t dream of having clear skin?

If you’ve had your fair share of back luck like us, we’re sure you’re tired of trying products that claim to “transform your skin” yet end up achieving little to nothing in terms of providing consistent and effective clarity.

If you’re tired of browsing through websites and the Instagram feeds of celebrities with uber-luxurious skin, we’ve rounded up five budget-friendly products that actually work.

Take it from us—we’ve had our fair share of dealing with an extensive range of treatment, including Accutane! Here’s the lowdown to help you get started.

1. Anecdote Pimple Patches by Alba Botanica

The first step to healing acne is getting rid of the toxins. While you may feel compelled to use potent treatments, it’s always best to give your skin some gentle and hassle-free TLC.

Known for its organic and gentle ingredients, Alba Botanica’s Anecdote Pimple Patches nourish and heal spots without creating bacterial build-up.

Not only will you wake up with the blemish largely reduced, but the overall texture and pore size in that region will also look and feel less inflamed and controlled.

2. Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel by Andalou Naturals


Another cult favorite by Andalou Naturals, the Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel works wonders on problematic and sensitive skin. Not only is kombucha great for your gut health (which directly impacts skin health), but it’s also an effective and potent topical remedy that heals skin and fights excessive oil production without stripping the skin.

We recommend pairing this nutrient-laden product with a clean diet comprising fruit, vegetable, and whole grains for a dramatic difference in clarity and overall radiance. In addition, eliminate oils, processed/packaged/manufactured food, and fast food from your diet for incredible results.

3. BHI Acne Relief Tablets

While Accutane can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health, gentle tablets are an effective way of fighting inflammation without exposing your body to long-term damage.

BHI Acne Relief Tablets are an excellent way to relieve redness and tenderness while healing spots and bacterial build-up. Ideal for individuals with hormonal acne, these potent tablets effectively fight blemishes to improve clarity.

4. Organic Acne & Scars Mask by Cyan Misty

What better way to treat your blemishes to some chemical-free and nutritious goodness than by indulging in a vegan and organic face mask?

What better way to treat your blemishes to some chemical-free and nutritious goodness than by indulging in a vegan and organic face mask?

The Rose Hip Facial Rich Moisture Masque will hdydrate your skin with this rosehip and kakadu plum. It'll help even the dryest of skin types - made with vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nourish and restore your skin. 

Treat your skin to a nourishing mask session while you practice social distancing. Not only will you take the right measures towards cleaning your pores, but you’ll also find a great way to pass the time.

The soothing scent and refreshing feeling will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel energized!

5. Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask by White Thalassa

charcoal mask

Can’t get enough of masking? Treat your skin to the Dead Sea Mud Mask to rid your face of impurities and toxins!

The potent mask effectively heals congestion by pulling dirt, build-up, grime, and bacterial build-up from deep within the pores.

Embark on the journey towards healing your acne by checking out our natural and effective acne-healing products. Head over to our blog for more information on how to choose natural beauty products for different signs of damage.

We also offer an extensive selection of natural beauty products—including essential oils, bath and body products, skincare products, and hair products, among many others!

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