Young woman looking at her flawless skin in the mirror.

3 Tips for a Truly Effective Natural Skincare Routine

Young woman looking at her flawless skin in the mirror.

According to Richard Chaffoo, a plastic surgeon based in San Diego, aging begins way before our first wrinkles appear. “We get 90 percent of our skin's damage by the age of 18, but it could take decades for the effects to present themselves," says the expert. Although new advancements in cosmetic procedures have taken care of multiple aging impacts, such as dullness, sagging, wrinkling, etc. the overall quality of the skin is yet to be addressed.

Several dermatologists suggest that incorporating a skincare routine earlier in your life can improve the overall quality of the skin with long-term significance. Without further ado, let's dive into the study of the best three techniques that one can utilize in an effective skincare routine.

1. Protection from UV Rays

The most vital step of a skincare routine is preventing it from getting damaged. After all, isn’t prevention better than cure? Dr. Jennifer Lin, a dermatology professor at Harvard Medical School suggests how using sunscreen is of utmost importance these days. She emphasizes buying a sunscreen that protects your skin against both physical and chemical harm. Whether it is two-toned or blemished skin, a good sunblock will prevent further damage. 

2. Cleansing and Exfoliation

Young woman cleansing her face in front of a mirror.

While sunblocks protect the skin from harmful UV rays, cleansing will improve its overall texture and tone. For a youthful and radiant look, natural oils for skin can be used as cleansing agents to help resurface the smoother skin.

The epidermal cell turnover rate slows down with age causing dryness, roughness, enlarged pores, and dullness. However, with natural beauty products to exfoliate your skin with, there’s a high chance beauty can be revived!

3. Moisturizing

Cheerful Young woman applying moisturizer.

To maintain beautiful skin, remember to moisturize. Opt for moisturizers that consist of agents like Vitamin C., Kojic acid, and licorice root. These agents will not only make the skin healthier and fresher but also brighter.

Moisturizers enable the skin to inherit anti-aging mechanisms, improving its overall texture. Nevertheless, it is choosing the right products that will eventually enhance the beauty of your skin.

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